Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool functions on a letter-per-week curriculum. Our teachers draw from a variety of resources to build their lessons and activities, but the Essentials Preschool Curriculum, A Beka and ABC Jesus Loves Me are our primary curricula. Each week students focus on a letter, shape, number, color in addition to learning appropriate social and classroom behaviors. Because of our small class sizes and our high academic standards, we are able to focus on the whole child and expect our students to learn at a high level. Each teacher will know the academic and developmental milestones their students will be expected to achieve. Teachers will offer two conferences a year so that we can better partner with you in your child’s development. It is vital that our teachers be well informed on current issues, research, and developments in the education world. We continually research and update our curriculum and attend a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education each year.

Spiritual Training

All aspects of teaching revolve around the Christian perspective. Jesus Christ is a the heart of all we do. Because we believe that if children are loved, they will learn, our passion is to share the love of Christ with our children and inspire a personal relationship with Him. Teachers conduct daily or weekly Bible lessons in their classrooms, and students and faculty worship together at a formal chapel on Wednesdays. During this time, children will have a chance to pray for each other, sing songs, and learn Bible stories. Chapel will also be a time of recognition where we honor students who have shown outstanding character to their peers and teachers.

Additional Subjects

Students will also attend music, Spanish, art, and P.E. classes. For more information, visit our Enrichment Activities page.

Rest Time

In keeping with state guidelines, teachers will provide a scheduled rest time. All children need to bring a nap mat with them on the first day of school. Children under four will be given ample time for a restful nap after a very eventful day. Children in Pre-K will be given a 30-minute rest period, during which they typically watch a video.