Enrichment Classes


At GCA, each class of children over 18 months has music every Monday and Thursday for a half-hour period. Our music program is designed not only to teach children the basics of music, but also to enhance their learning in the classroom. Curriculum for our younger students is focused on beat, echo, high/low, voices, memorization, and music appreciation.  Music is an excellent avenue for reinforcing concepts across curricula, so our program also focuses on phonics, numbers, colors, following directions, and other important facets of preschool education. Curriculum for our older student will include all of those concepts, but students will also learn how to read simple music and play simple instruments, such as the recorder.


Children ages two and older attend Spanish class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Research shows that learning multiple languages at young ages triggers the brain in ways that other types of learning cannot; it also helps prepare our children to be successful in our multicultural society.  Classes for our younger children focus on vocabulary; older children learn basic conversation and sentence structure.


During the 2011-12 school year we were proud to add an art class on Wednesdays for our students ages three and older. This gives the children a chance to learn about basic art techniques and give them another creative outlet to express themselves.

Physical Education

Our P.E. program isn’t just playtime– it’s designed to be an active educational experience. Because we believe in the concept of multiple intelligences and that some children learn best when they are physically involved, P.E. time will be fun but educationally relevant. It is also an opportunity to learn about teamwork, healthy competition, and good sportsmanship.